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"​Nothing can stop a person with the right mental attitude from achieving a goal..."​​ Thomas Jefferson

Cultivating Greatness 360 is committed to changing lives one experience at a time by introducing clients to techniques and strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, increase self-awareness, and accept personal responsibility to accomplish their goals. 

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You Have the Power to Make Your Life Goals a Reality

If you can succeed at anything in the world, what would that be? Take a moment and imagine what would your life look like if you combat the destructive mental narrative and overcome the limited mindsets, such as I am too old, I do not have enough money, I am not smart enough, or simply, I am not enough.  What if you had the clarity, direction, motivation, and solid support system to help you recognize your greatest potential, what would you be doing with your life?

 We are here to help you navigate the ups and downs in life and embark on a personal journey of success. 

Accomplish your goals with Cultivating Greatness 360.

Our Story

Cultivating Greatness 360 (CG360) is in the service of changing lives for the better. CG 360 was founded by Mississippi native Shatyra Frazier. After experiencing and overcoming adversity, Shatyra learned to be the role model she needed in her life by becoming a certified Life Coach. For more than 4 years, she has dedicated herself to facilitating the process of enhancing the lives of others all over the world through providing individual and group coaching sessions and speaking engagements.

Meet the Owner

After experiencing adversity, Shatyra overcame her obstacles by accepting personal responsibility. Shatyra learned as a young adult that success comes from within, but sometimes help is needed to push us in the right direction. Because of her desire to help people achieve more she became a certified Life Coach.

As a child and as a young adult she struggled with motivation, self-esteem, and lack of support. She, like many of us, was lost as a child and possessed very little hope in achieving her greatest potential. This lack of hope was rooted in being the child of drug-addicted parents, which birthed feelings of both resentment and abandonment.  Those feelings distorted her ability to make good life choices, and she went on to make poor decisions,  which included remaining in a physically abusive relationship.

Shatyra’s life turned around when she accepted full responsibility for her choices and took great strides towards bettering herself. Shatyra's achievements include a Bachelor's degree in Business, Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance, twelve years of leadership in the manufacturing industry, along with continued education coaching courses to successfully help clients reach their desired goals.   As someone once said, “There’s no need for complaining about life as long as you have a plan to change it.” A lot of us find this statement is easier said than done. Shatyra is no exception. However, she learned to shift her mindset and did the work of taking steps in the directions of her positive desires. 

At Cultivating Greatness 360 we know that some obstacles are not easy to overcome, but in a space that is empowering and non-judgmental we believe your greatest potential can be achieved. In an effort to help clients take a step forward, we approach goals from a belief and behavior basis, which addresses skill sets as well as the mindset. Today, it is Shatyra’s passion to provide a space that fosters growth in personal development and higher achievement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to  create a supportive partnership with individuals who seek success. Cultivating Greatness 360 promotes direction, empowerment, and  mental clarity to help our clients reach their greatest potential. 

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